What is LEARN School and Academy?

LEARN School and Academy is an alternative education system that believes that the current education system is out of date and is not meeting the learning needs of our children.On the contrary, it impairs our children’s intellect and creative ability. Our sole goal is to bring the best global education to your doorstep at an affordable fee.

Do you accept students based outside the Pakistan?

Yes, LEARN School and Academy has students from all over the world. Please note: most lessons are between 09:00 and 15:45 Karachi Pakistan time. (+5 GMT)

What ages does LEARN School and Academy cover?

LEARN School and Academy starts from Kindergarten and educates students all the way through to Year 12. 

What are LEARN School and Academy's entry requirements?

LEARN School and Academy is a non-selective school, we do not ask for any grades/entry assessments prior to joining us. Although we conduct an informal interview session with students and parents to know them more and to make our bond more stronger as one-school family.  

Will students miss out on socialising with peers if they are taught online?

At LEARN School and Academy we support and encourage socialising with other students through social events. The Student voice is important to us so we seek feedback from students regularly to make improvements and to help support them with the best experience that they can have. We also have opportunities for interactive and group work in online.

I currently live outside of the Pakistan, is this a recognised form of education in my country?

You will need to undertake your own investigations into whether home schooling is allowed in the country you work/live in. This would also apply to any comparison between other education systems around the world.

Can students join at any time?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Learners can join anytime, although they would be expected to make up some of the work that has been missed depending on the time of year and we strongly recommend speaking to our enquiries team for further recommendations. 


When can we enroll?

We operate a rolling admissions policy meaning that we accept enrolment throughout the academic year.

How quickly can my child start?

The enrolment process can take on average between 3-4 days to complete, this timescale is dependent on how quickly the admission team received all requested paperwork and all required fee payments. For this reason, we recommend registering to join us at least 1 week before the students intended starting date.

What documents are required for admission?

You will need to submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport, a proof of address and your ID, e.g. a copy of your utility bill or CNIC (with correct address). You will also need to submit a copy of your child’s academic transcripts for the previous term.

Can my child continue at regular school?

We do have a few students who study at LEARN School and Academy and another school – this can be tricky to try to match up timetables. If you require more information, please emailadmission@learnschoolacademy.com. The admissions team will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances and attempt to reach a solution.

Can a student catch up with missed work if joining later in the term?

It is possible to access the learning resources already covered in the lessons earlier in the term. Students would need to plan to do this in and around their attendance at timetabled lessons.

My son/daughter has health struggles and requires tailored attention. Is this something he/she will receive with online learning or will they be left behind?

One of the many benefits of learning with LEARN School and Academy is the way it allows teachers to deliver tailored education to all learners. Traditional classrooms can be unpredictable in their nature, which is not the case with LEARN School and Academy’s online classrooms. In a mainstream school setting, students who miss lessons due to hospital or doctor’s appointments may find it difficult to catch-up, causing them to fall behind. Every lesson is recorded and stored in the lesson archive, enabling them to catch-up at any point. Plus, students can email their teacher at any time with queries, getting their questions answered without the fear of feeling embarrassed in front of their peers.

Can we get feedback from other students in my country?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the details of our students and parents without their consent.

Will we receive a ‘transcript’ stating that my child attends LEARN School and Academy?

You won’t receive one automatically – we can however provide a written letter of registration stating that your child is enrolled at LEARN School and Academy – this request will need to be sent to admission@learnschoolacademy.com.

Can I get a free trial?

We do have online open events and taster sessions throughout the academic year giving prospective families the opportunity to experience LEARN School and Academy, these can be found via the home page of our website.We do not offer free trials, but can grant a one-time access to one of our live classes as a demo.

How can I be sure my child is receiving an exceptional education?

At LEARN School and Academy, you can rest assured that your child will receive an excellent education with our extensive curriculum. Delivered by expert and experienced teaching professionals, LEARN School and Academy learners are provided with engaging lessons that keep them motivated. For LEARN School and Academy students, the priority is to ensure these young learners are receiving top quality education, whilst equipping them to thrive in the long run and foster inquisitive and engaged learners.

Will we receive a completion certificate at the end of each year?

LEARN School and Academy issue end of year reports but not completion certificates that are common in some education systems. Should this be needed a special request will need to be made via the admin team.

Are teachers based in the Pakistan?

The majority of our teachers are Pakistan based and all our teachers are experienced and highly familiar with K-12 curriculum and online education system.

How are lessons differentiated?

Our expert and experienced online teachers utilise a range of teaching methods within their lessons. Our demo sessions are a great platform to experience these. You can email for our next free demo session at info@learnschoolacademy.com

How do I track my child’s progress?

LEARN School and Academy makes it easy for parents to be involved with their child’s progress. Parents are regularly informed about their child progress, assignments, homework etc, which gives you constant access to information about your child’s progress, feedback and details regarding homework assignments. 

Will we be able to choose our own timetable?

No.  However, if you have any specific requirements the administration team, if possible, will endeavour to accommodate your requests.

Is your transfer certificate accepted all over they world?

Yes, Transfer certificate given by Learn Academy is attested by Education Ministry of Pakistan that can further be attested by any body as per the requirement & hence accepted world wide.

How much does it cost?

This is dependent on which class and year group the student is entering. For more information on our fees please contact our enrollment team.

Do I have to pay security deposit or admission fee?

LEARN School and Academy has no-security deposit fee, however, a non-refundable admission fee policy.

If I chose to start from mid of month do I have to pay half fee?

No, if you start during a half month you will need to pay the whole month fee.

Timings for other countries?

Our lessons take place on Pakistan time with most lessons taking place between 09:00 and 15:45 (+5GMT). If your time zone means you will not be able to attend live lessons, your child can catch up via the lesson recordings which are accessible via the learning resources, If they have questions for their teacher, they will be able to email them directly. Please note they will not be able to call their teacher, only email.