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    Syed Badar Abbas

    We have witnessed massive and exponential development in my children. I feel exceptionally obliged to have my children studying in Learn School. Thank you for your quality education, enthusiasm, diligent efforts, and passion you provide each and every day.

    Humera Kamran

    I am very happy with Learn Academy. I always wanted my daughter to study online so that she has more time to learn other skills and Thanks to Learn Academy I was able to find the relevant courses. I am proud to say that I now have a 5th grader who enjoys learning and is confident enough to run her own Youtube channel.

    Myra Sheikh

    This is like a home school. The teachers are energetic and lively. When you learn at Learn Academy. They have fun projects. Good efforts by all teachers and coordinators. My decision to put him in this school was excellent. I wish Great success Learn Academy.

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    Learn Basic is a global movement that is bringing world-class education at a disruptive price Point to every child in the world.We are a formal, recognized K-12 school offering iSTEAM, British & Pakistanicurriculum online for students aged 3 to 18 years in India and abroad

    LEARN School has curated & developed an international iSTEAM curriculum& British Curriculumour approach is project & challenged-based learning.


    Project-based learning is an educational approach aimed at providing students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills through engaging projects set around challenges and problems they may face in the real world. Students are tasked with investigating and responding to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.

    Learn School catersto students of the below-mentioned Grades

    • Pre-Primary (KG1-KG2)
    • Primary (Grade1-Grade5)
    • Middle (Grade6- Grade8)
    • O levels- A levels

    Major Subject Include:

    • ▪ ENGLISH
    • ▪ SCIENCE,


    LEARNUP Skills is LEARN’s modern approach to giving Regular Schooling Students a jump start on their path to a career. in addition to the regular schooling Curriculum we teach them skill-based subjectsthrough project-based learning—an student-centered method that focuses on problem-solving, collaboration, and real-world experiences—you can explore careers in diverse industries and develop the soft skills needed to excel.

    The Learn UP curriculum is centered on stimulating the minds of students to help them become better at work and in their routine lives. The curriculum includes courses divided into four terms which span over three months each.


    These courses have been specifically designed according to the interests of students at certain ages. Keeping a child interested is the optimum achievement and the content provided to their developing minds has to be perfect and positive. Therefore, the hope plus curriculum explores different branches of education to make sure all knowledge deployed to students is of the highest standard and delivered with the most impact.

    • Coding
    • App/web Development
    • Digital Media
    • Communication Development
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Liberal Arts


    Learn Academy is offering courses Accredited by Skill Development Council Canada. Skill Development Council Canada (SDCC) is an autonomous and independent body of Canada, to assess, accredits, and certifies Students through institutions of higher education across the world. The courses being offered serve the time duration of 3 to 6 months, depending upon the course outline & curriculum. The courses accredited are Coding, Communication Development, Liberal Arts, Leadership, App /Web Development & Digital Media. After completion of courses,students get certification from SDCC.

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